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Each talking ringtone is available in 3 different tones of voice, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect ringtone for you.

There are 19 tones available with 3 different versions of each, total 57 tones.

The tones are made in a professional studio, spoken by a singer/actress.

These tones are included:

A Call Is Waiting

A Link To An Incoming Voice transmission is established

I’m Detecting An Incoming Voice transmission

Incoming Telephone Call Detected

..and many more.

In many great movies, there are a lot of nice background music, there are lot of nice Latest Ringtones, we from tens of thousands of excellent film music carefully selected a lot of suitable hot ringtones, Including some of the Hollywood movie in the wonderful sound effects, Magic sound in Science fiction film, Disaster movie background music, Love movie Latest Ringtones,Passion music in adventure movies, Comedy movie funny music, In addition, there are very nice pop music. These music are made into hot ringtones, you can easily use them, DIY their own phone hot ringtones.

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You can also open the application in boring time, listen to the music inside, this is a very elegant thing, because the inside of each music is noble, great and nice.

This application is small and powerful, It is Android 7.0 style, the interface is simple, easy to operate.

In addition, the APP which also provides a set of beautiful high-definition pictures, these pictures are produced by many well-known designers and artists, beautiful, you can enjoy the picture while listening to music. These pictures can be set to desktop wallpaper, your Android phone will become more beautiful, let it have a different personalized style.


Tumme will not take any responsibility for the owners of the copyright to the sounds they are playing off of the Internet or CD’s. Tumme does not own the copyrights to the sounds or music. If you receive an offer to download Tumme Bhi Zeda ringtones for free, don’t accept it. The offer is just a scam. If you want to hear Tumme Bhi Zeda ringtones, pay for it.

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Tumme has become very popular over the last few years and their stock of Tumme Bhi Zeda ringtone downloads are still very large. One of the reasons they are so popular is Tumme has a very reasonable price for what you get. Tumme gives you the option of getting unlimited free ringtone downloads or paying a small one time fee for their lifetime of unlimited ringtones. If you decide to download Tumme Bhi Zeda ringtone, make sure you buy the correct file for your phone. There is a link below to help you find the right ringtone for your phone.

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