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Download and set your favorite bgm, dialogues, and love music as your mobile ringtone directly from our app. Best App for telugu mobile hot ringtones.

Hot ringtones – new ringtone app

Select your favorite ringtone from our large collection. Different categories are added to make it easy to select your tone. You can also set alarm tone, notification tones, and contact ringtone.

Users can also upload their hot ringtones with fellow users from our app, create your profile and increase followers.

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This is the Best Funny Sounds Collection for Android Phones that you will love. Download it for free, choose your favorites and set your new default ringtone now !

Hot ringtones – free mp3 ringtone download


This collection of melodious ringing tones makes you feel relaxed and it soothes your sense. Refresh your mood daily with the most wonderful hot ringtones ever. Select your default ringtone, caller ID tones, SMS notification sounds, alarm clock sound, reminder alert, and more.

All these hot ringtones are free ones you download this app all ringtone save in your device you don’t need internet connection.

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Key Feature :

– 100+ popular funny hot ringtones.

– Easy to use and Nice User Interface.

– No need of Internet Connection.

– Set as default ringtone, Notification, Contact ringtone or Alarm sound ringtone.

– High quality mp3 sounds for Android Phones.

– Easily Share your hot ringtones on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

– Fast and effective application on all devices.

Chori Da Ringtone – Chori Da Pistol Ringtone This Chori Da Pistol Ringtone is another song from the group that is worth a listen. It’s basically an extract from the album that is available for download. It’s not too far off from the original and you can definitely get an idea from the tone. This song contains a nice horn section and the lyrics are pretty much word for word the same as on the original album. Although, you’ll have to pay close attention to the lyrics to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Chori Da Ringtone by Chori Da Pistol – Chori Da Ringtone Again, this Chori Da Pistol Ringtone is available from all major online Chori Da Pistol member directories. Just go to the page and you’ll find the song. Again, it’s a bit different than the extract from the album, but it’s worth a try. The download is a bit long, so you might want to download it a few times to make sure you’re getting the right tone.

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