What is the best app to download ringtones?

It is difficult to find free ringtones for Android, iPhone and other phones , but only if you look in the wrong place.

The following are ringtone sites that can provide truly free ringtones for various devices, without subscription or even minimum fees.

How to use these ringtone sites

iPhone and other iOS users cannot download ringtones directly from their phones and want to use them as ringtones. This feature is only available on Android devices.

If you are using an iPhone, you can still use most of these ringtone sites, but you must first download the files to your computer, and then use your computer (usually iTunes) to transfer the ringtones to your phone.

Some ringtones may not have the correct audio format, so they cannot actually be used as ringtones on the device. For example, maybe you have MP3 ringtones that you want to use on your iPhone. If this is the case, please use a free audio converter program to convert the file to the correct format for your device.

Android and BlackBerry devices use the MP3 format, while iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad use M4R.

Are all ringtone sites free?

If you have ever searched for free ringtones for mobile phones on the Internet, you have found that it is not easy to find real free ringtones. The problem is that many websites make you think that the content they provide is completely free, with no strings attached-until you try to download something.

Some websites redirect you to unrelated pages with advertisements everywhere, while others may require you to pay a subscription fee or fee to get ringtones. Ultimately, there is a question of legitimacy.

It is conceivable that although some ringtones are considered legal, there are still many websites that are not actually considered 100% legal. The provided content usually gives you a clue: If the website gives ringtones from the latest songs, it is best not to download those specific ringtones.

Google Docshttps://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1uLGCX2uPj0uNROFL2SOpI2Ws6JTVaKl9
Google Slidehttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Vh2lkKM5WxjdjqZI7KjuolLvpuSwi_VV2jtNUOKxcrs
Google Formhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcIhCwvoWfdg-H_Rzw95zxh9diU8ktPpeePYQ5sHinQg8_yw/viewform?usp=sf_link
Google My Mapshttps://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1l8qMaNTQbogphEy9QS85lj2S1M9K7k80
Google Drawhttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/126fRiIwAkGAYMIlbBT2ZLBlaWIfq1RXaT7nkK6jfDHc/edit?usp=sharing
Google Webstorehttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/best-ringtones-net/pocgmmfodjadhpndfdlobjpgkljepojn
Google Drive Folderhttps://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Yq9FdmTd61kBqGL3BwUdz73MR0p2m4kF
Google PDFhttps://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1zjO1c0MYWwFV2j_DZrEpjee2vw1S5v3y


Image © Zedge Holdings Inc.

Zedge has a huge user community that can create and upload content suitable for various mobile phones, including a large number of free ringtones covering a variety of topics. These can be downloaded to your computer or sent directly to your mobile phone.

Finding free ringtones on Zedge is really easy, because if you use their website, you can easily select your phone from the menu (such as Android or iPhone) to view all the ringtones supported by the device, and then download any ringtone Preview it before.

Another quick way to find the ringtone you need is to browse the categories. Some of them include comedy, dance, games and sound effects .

Mobile apps are also useful, but for different reasons. There are two iOS apps-one for wallpapers and the other for ringtones. Follow the instructions in the Zedge ringtone app to learn how to use the downloaded ringtones.

The Zedge Android app is easy to use because you can actually download the ringtone directly into the phone without the need for a computer. More”


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Notification sound


Notification tone

As the name suggests, you can download notification ringtones here.

Some categories that can help you find free ringtones from this website include animal, funny, message ringtones, standard ringtones, notification sounds, wake-up ringtones, and mini ringtone songs .

After previewing the ringtone to make sure it is the ringtone you want on your device, you can choose any available audio format. Most appear in the form of OGG, MP3 and M4R. More”


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Pitch 7

Ringtone screen with genre menu. Image ©Mark Harris-Licensed to http://About.com, Inc.

If there are too many websites above, you will like the Tones7 ringtone website because it is very easy to use.

Search for ringtones or browse for a ringtone by popularity, recently added or genre. After previewing the ringtone, you can download it as an MP3 or M4R file.

In addition, the built-in ringtone maker allows you to make your own 30-second ringtones using music files in your computer. More”

Mobile 9

Download ringtones from mobile9 through the mobile9 website or through the mobile application for Android devices. If on the website, just search your device to get started.

You can sort the ringtones on mobile9 by the currently popular ringtones, the latest ringtones they added or the best ringtones ever. The filter allows you to choose the category or ringtone you are looking for, and the “family filter” can hide adult ringtones.


If you like, please preview the ringtone or download it directly. However, please note that mobile9 ringtones will not be downloaded immediately. You must wait 30 seconds each.

Note: The ringtones on this website will be downloaded in the correct format for the device you selected from the beginning. If the format is not correct, use an audio converter to select a new device or view all the ringtones that all devices have. More”


Of 07


Melofania is a full-featured ringtone website. Not only can you download ringtones for free, you can also make your own ringtones from online videos or your own music files.

Search for ringtones or use the letters at the top of the page to find the singer by that name. The homepage also displays selected ringtones and popular ringtones.

Like most ringtone sites, you can preview the ringtone before you get it, but if other users have made similar ringtones with the same song/sound, the site also provides a variation of the ringtone.

To download ringtones from Melofania, just click or tap Android (mp3) or iPhone (m4r) from the download page .

Note: Many ringtones on this website have been removed from popular songs. If you are at risk of copyright infringement, make sure to avoid using these ringtones. More”


There are more than one million free ringtones on MyTinyPhone, and you can easily get them in less than a minute.

Browsing such as Rock, Voice, Jazz, Fun, Country and Classical the ringtones category class, and then use the appropriate download button to get a ringtone.

“Send to phone” allows you to open the ringtone from your Android device, ” Save to PC” will save the ringtone to an MP3 file, and ” Save to iPhone” will get the M4R version of the ringtone.

MyTinyPhone also showcased apps, wallpapers, themes and games. More”


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Audiko is another ringtone website, through which you can build your own ringtones and download ringtones made by others.

The homepage shows the most popular ringtones, SMS ringtones and popular ringtones in the United States. You can also browse some popular styles to find ringtones related to rock, electronic, daze, electronic music, heavy metal, 80s, etc.

Or maybe you want to skip directly to the top 100 ringtones that can be downloaded from Audiko.

No matter how you get the ringtone you need, just choose to download a ringtone and send it to the “My Ringtone” page, where you can download it to your computer.

Note: If you need to make the ringtone applicable to iOS, please make sure to select iPhone from the “My Ringtone” page , otherwise the ringtone will be downloaded in MP3 format.

Android users can use the Audiko app to get free ringtones. More”

Considering that downloading ringtones is not a better idea.

It is difficult to find the part of the song that we like in a particular application.

Therefore, I personally recommend that you manually edit the favorite parts of your favorite songs.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker♫ – Android app on Google Play

This app will help you edit easily.

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