How to set ringtones on vivo phones of 2022?

How to set ringtones on vivo phones?

If you listen to your favorite ringtones for a long time, you will get bored, and changing the ringtones appropriately will not “destroy” your favorite music.

Have you ever heard customized songs as new ringtone on your friends’ iPhone running iOS 14 or iOS 13? How did you feel when you learned that iphone ringtone accepts customized songs as ringtone or notification sound and that you can even download ringtones for iPhone from a website? I guess it must have felt like a good news to you. Free ringtones for iOS exist, but many ringtone downloading makers and websites may not want you to come across this information. But today, we shall be sharing good information with you on how to get free ringtones for iPhone.

Today I will teach you how to change your phone ringtone~

first step:

Open your vivo phone and find the “Settings” function on the phone desktop . Most of the function management in our phone can be done here.

The second step:

Click to enter the “Settings  interface, you can see the network connection, personalized sound, basic settings and other content that can be customized and managed. The ” sound” in the ” personal sound” is the key to our mobile phone ringtones.

third step:

After you click to enter the “Sound” interface, you can customize and manage various sounds on your phone. In this interface, you can see the content settings such as incoming call ringtones, message ringtones, and notification ringtones. “Incoming call ringtones” are the mobile phone ringtones we usually say.

the fourth step:

Click the brackets on the right of “Incoming call ringtones” . After entering the world, you can see a variety of ringtone files such as custom ringtones, system ringtones, and so on. Here you can customize your mobile phone ringtones.

Select the ringtone you like, click the button on the right to display it in blue, that is, the ringtone file is successfully set as the mobile phone ringtone, and the gray one is the unselected ringtone file.

[Custom ringtone] refers to setting the music file in the phone as a ringtone

[System ringtone] refers to the ringtone that comes with the system

After the mobile phone ringtone, the message ringtone and notification ringtone in the mobile phone can also be customized in the “Sound” interface. The process is similar to the setting of the mobile phone ringtone, and the operation is very simple.

Use this trick to set your phone ringtone when you encounter music you like in the future!

I recently used the android system and I want to modify the ringtone. The system’s built-in is not very good. I downloaded some music from the Internet, but the general settings are not working. The following methods are found through testing.

Generally, mobile phones with Android operating system have four ringtones that can be set, namely: incoming call, text message, alarm clock, system and other types of ringtones. Here I will introduce the settings of the system’s own ringtones.Tools/Materials

Android operating systemSteps/Methods

Turn on the Android phone, find the “Settings” button in the “Menu”, and click Open.

How to set Android ringtones

Find the “Sound and Display” option under the “Settings” menu, and click Open.

How to set Android ringtones

Click “Phone Ringtone” in the “Sound and Display” setting menu to select the phone ringtone you want.

How to set Android ringtones

Click “Notification Ring” in the “Sound and Display” setting menu to select the SMS ringtone you want.

How to set Android ringtones

It must be the ringtone that comes with the phone with the Android operating system before you can use the above method to set it.

Custom Ringtones:

As the main market in circulation Android smartphone, ringtones are very rich in resources, the following teach how to customize ringtones

The first method, called to establish “ringtones” (ringtones) in sd card ” “Alarms” (alarm ringtones) “notifications” (SMS notification ringtones) folder, put your ringtones for different purposes in different folders, open the sound settings again, you can find these ringtones in the settings.

The second method uses the es file browser to open your ringtones directory, and then use the es player to play music every day, there is a ringtone button at the back, click to set the music as a ringtone or as a reminder, the alarm can be the

third method : Operate on 91 mobile assistant. See below: 

Setting method four of custom ringtones:

1. In the phone menu, open the music player that comes with the phone system.


2. Choose the music you want to play as an incoming call or alarm ringtone.


3. Press the menu call button on the phone (different models of mobile phones have different shapes and positions of the menu call button), and select the “set” command in the menu that is called up.


4. In the pop-up dialog box, choose to set the music as incoming call ringtone or alarm ringtone.


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